The Enchantment of Living Local

The Enchantment of Living Local

December 03, 2022 0 Comments

Recently, a dear friend used one of my favorite words to describe his experience with my formulations: "Enchanting." 
My friend, Chef Daniel, had invited me to a radio interview on our local Boulder station to discuss food and regenerative agriculture. As usual, we chatted in the parking lot for over an hour afterward, discussing everything from food to our careers and happiness. He and I share a passion for handmade, slow-crafted, and place-based food.
He added, "You made a hundred different decisions to arrive at what's in this little bottle," referring to one of the products I had gifted him earlier. As a chef and owner of successful restaurants that feature local, organic, and artisan-made foods, I was delighted (to no surprise) that he got it. 
It's been challenging to convey in words the profound experience of a curated plant essence. Daniel was right. Like fine food or wine, endless factors contribute to the final experience or product. 
The distiller. The distillation method. The authenticity of the oils. The type of bottle that will support the overall quality.
Additionally, the "frequencies" of where the plant grew, who grew and harvested it, and finally, who blends the oils all go into the bottle. This idea may seem esoteric to some, but like my friend, many of you experience it, and primarily why we buy from artisans.
It's the magic of "local." Local is connection. It's felt when I'm buying from a slow-craft jewelry smith in Montana or an astro-herbalist in Minnesota. It's smiling into the eyes of the artist who created artwork with you in mind. Local is community. It's thanking the chef at your local restaurant for a nourishing meal. 
In college, I had a bumper sticker on the back of my VW convertible. It read...

Think Global, Act Local.

A thirty-some years later, I embrace this philosophy of living more all the time. I am a citizen of Earth and also my local community. I am thankful that we can exchange and experience with one another through technology, unrestricted by the boundaries of time and space. I also appreciate living in a thriving community where I meet the people who roast my coffee beans and make the jigsaw puzzles (to which I'm now addicted!).
As I write these words, I see your names and faces, the clients and friends who love the products I have created over the years. Your enthusiasm and appreciation for the oils are an inspiration. In turn, you've inspired several of my formulations.
Inspired by my work was artist, Adam Parsons (my sweetie), the creator of this new branding and concept. He inspired me to add a new line called LisaBird - vibrant, colorful, and artistic with the same quality standards as Temple Tree. I'm happy that others are as delighted by it as I am.

Adam generously created each of the original artworks for LisaBird. I encourage you to check out his prolific body of work here and sign up to his list.

(This month, he's giving one lucky person an original piece of your choosing from his wildly popular Pwason Chronicles series...a drawing a day in 2022.) 🎁 
Thank you, Adam! x

Drop me a line - I'd love to hear from you! 

Lisa ✨