Our Story

At LisaBird we recognize the deep importance of purity and integrity, only curating essential oils from botanicals that are wild or organically-grown. Every essence and oil we offer begins with the intelligence of the plant.

Botanicals share their healing and supportive characteristics with us through distilling their leaves, roots, seeds, flowers, and the resulting essence - essential oils - is the lifeblood of the plant. True essential oils represent a plant's complexity which it shares with us through an elegant matrix of hundreds of chemical constituents that nourish and heal.

Many of our essential oils (where noted) are distilled through a special and artisanal practice of copper and glass that gently coax aromatics into being. Most essential oils on the market today are distilled with heavy pressure and heat, thereby reducing essential oils' ability to awaken and heal us. Many essential oils sold on the mass market are not even essential oils from plant material but are instead synthetic or lab-derived. Trust and knowledge are key in choosing essential oils of authenticity and quality.

LisaBird's essential oils and blends come from plants, flowers and trees that are wild-harvested or organically-grown, never exposed to harmful toxins. They are distilled in a way that maintains their integrity and then consciously crafted by hand in small batches by our founder, Lisa Stokke, who has finessed our formulations over her 20 years of experience in the world of aromatics and botanicals. Great care is taken in sourcing essential oils to meet our evolving standards of purity and excellence that one can feel and experience.

Through LisaBird essential oils, allow your senses awaken, your Heart to open and be are transported, immersed in the Earth’s beauty and abundance.

We look forward to this aromatic journey with you. xx