LisaBird: BLOOM roll-on

10ml roll-bottle
Joyful & Uplifting

  • BLOOM harkens the human journey of transformation and expansion into the soul of “true self” inspired by magnolia, jasmine, and rose that evoke the beauty and delicacy of life. Resin and root oils of frankincense and angelica reflect the depth of human experience to complement these sophisticated flower distillations often reserved for the finest perfumes.

    The essential oils in this blend are the most exquisite essential oils that I’ve ever experienced. I’m excited to be offering this to you.

    ~ Lisa

    The 10 ml roll-on is a perfect size for personal use at home or travel.

  • Use as a luxurious, natural botanical perfume when you want to feel the beauty of Self, Nature, and Life.

  • A delicate blend of rare and valued essential oils that include notes of ylang ylang, Persian rose, jasmine, spikenard, magnolia, frankincense, cypress and more in a base of organic jojoba oil.

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