LisaBird: BOLD roll-on

10 ml roll-on
Adventurous & Grounding
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  • "I love to use Bold when I need a little extra courage in my day."
    ~ Jess H.

    BOLD is inspired by my lifelong romance with Boulder, CO, where I now call home. It is reminiscent of a hike through the iconic FlatIrons mountain range with notes of conifers and juniper. A playful hint of patchouli and hops give a nod to its "hippie" past and the breweries it is known for.

    A special addition is Mitti Attar, an exquisite and unique distillation that is also known as “petricore," the delightful scent of fresh rain on the earth.

    I invite you to try on your wrists, neck, and chest to experience the magnificence and peaceful offering of the forested mountains.

    ~ Lisa

    The 10 ml roll-on is a perfect size for personal use at home or travel.

  • Dab a drop on the wrists and behind the ears for a natural botanical fragrance. 

    *As with all essential oils, keep out of reach of children. Be sure to test essential oils on a small area of skin prior to use.

  • Plant-derived essential oils in a base of organic jojoba, including pine, juniper, fir, with a touch of patchouli, hops and mitti attar.

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