LisaBird: BE roll-on

10 ml roll-on
Align & Focus
  • The superstars in this formulation are basil, rosemary and peppermint, known for their ability to reawaken a foggy or sleepy mind. Enlivened by lemon, cardamom, rose geranium, bergamot and others, it is an inviting fragrance and more than just a remedy.

    Create intention with BE to focus your mind and practice. Rebalance and center.

    Be here now.

  • Apply to the neck, shoulders, and wrists in the morning or during an afternoon lag. Inhale.

    The 10 ml roll-on is a perfect size for personal use at home or travel.

  • A proprietary blend that includes notes of peppermint and rosemary that unite with exotic and uplifting notes of bergamot, cardamon and rose geranium and more in a base of organic jojoba oil.

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