10 ml bottle
Pure botanical essential oil

Botanical name: Boswellia sacra
Origin: Dhofar, Oman
Production: wild-harvested; harmonically distilled

Grounding and balancing.

Temple Tree offers a special and unique frankincense, known for its resonant and deep fragrance created by an artisan distillation of the resin. Our Frankincense has an rich, earthy aroma with a light, pleasant aromatic top note, making it one of our most cherished and bestselling oils.

Frankincense is honored and used traditionally in many ways, including inflammation and meditation. Inhalation helps open the spiritual centers of connectivity within us by accessing the pineal gland. It is spiritually clearing, grounding and uplifting.

It is featured in our Shaman spray used for clearing and harmonizing space in heart and home. Frankincense is also in our Ascension, Sacred Night and Glowing Heart blends.

Synergistically, it blends well with citrus oils, lavender, patchouli, sandalwood, geranium and myrrh.

*Use by the drop. Dilute as needed. Keep out of reach of children.
Always test essential oils on skin prior to use.

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