10 ml bottle
Pure botanical essential oil

Botanical name: Citrus limon
Origin: Italy
Production method: Organically-grown; cold-pressed then distilled

Lemon is recognized for its ability to uplift a room or a mood with its bright and cheery aroma and also as a natural disinfectant. In skincare, it is used to smooth, tone and contract and also as a treatment for oily or dull skin. It can also remove warts when blended with cypress oil and useful to dab on insect bites as an antiseptic.

I have found it to be particularly helpful during times of illness or convalescence as well as other citrus oils, such as mandarin and orange, as it freshens the room and shifts the energy. Using in a diffuser or spray is the best method for this purpose.

Lemon blends well with other essential oils of mandarin, orange, grapefruit, rosemary, lavender, frankincense, pine and ylang ylang and is usually best when diluted or in a blend with other oils.

Lemon oil is found in Ascension, Focus, Chest Rub and Breathe Deep.

An important note about quality, distillation and photo-sensitivity:

Our lemon oil is unique as it is both cold pressed and distilled for extraction of the oil. As citrus oils are known to be photo-sensitizing, meaning when applied directly to the skin and exposed to direct sunlight within 12 hours, it can cause a "burn" on the skin. This is due to the chemical property of citral in the peel.

The peel is the most aromatic part of the fruit and why most lemon essential oils on the market are expressions of the peel only. Utilizing both pressing of the whole fruit and then distilling it, creates an exceptionally fragrant oil that is safer to the skin when used properly.

*Use by the drop. Dilute as needed. Keep out of reach of children.
Always test essential oils on skin prior to use.

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