LisaBird: JOY roll-on

10 ml roll-on
Resonate & Magnify
  • Sacred woods of sandalwood join together with frankincense resin and flowers of geranium and ylang ylang brightened by a touch of mandarin and lemon, all from a distiller who is masterful at preserving the integrity of the botanical intelligence in his oils. 

    Indulge and enjoy!

  • For a calming and inviting personal fragrance, dab on wrists or back of neck. Also great as a soothing massage oil to relieve tension.

    *Keep out of reach of children. Always test essential oils on skin prior to use.

  • A proprietary blend that includes notes of ylang ylang, Persian rose, jasmine, spikenard, magnolia, frankincense, cypress and more in a base of organic jojoba oil.

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