Mountain PINE

10 ml bottle
Pure botanical essential oil

Botanical name: Pinus mugo
Origin: Austria
Production: Certified Organic (Biologique)

Cleansing, fortifying and balancing.

Inhaling essence of a tall, study pine into your being lends itself to stability and strength in the body. Physically, it uplifts and creates space in the chest. North American native cultures were known to place the needles in bedding for clear breathing at night and to repel insects.Used historically for coughs, stressed joints and muscles.

Diffused it cleanses the space energetically and aromatically. Entirely different from a synthetic version used in household cleaning, but demonstrates its inherent ability to refresh and energize a room.

Pine is featured in our Shaman, Chest Rub and Breathe Deep blends.

Synergistically, blends with essential oils of mandarin, bergamot, cedarwood, eucalyptus, lavender. Combine with rosemary and thyme for fatigue and nervous exhaustion.

*Use by the drop. Dilute as needed. Keep out of reach of children.
Always test essential oils on skin prior to use.

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