5 ml bottle
(pure essential oil)

Botanical name: Rosa Damascena
Production: organically-grown; artisan distillation

This Rose offering is rare and exquisite, distilled from the first pressing of the Rosa damascena petals. Many rose oils are extracted via solvents or diluted with inferior oils - or are not even from real rose petals and concocted in a laboratory via synthetic chemicals. (Those are overly "sweet" fragrances that many people associate with rose, sadly.) Our Rose is truly like smelling a decadent rose.

Temple Tree Rose oil is not only pure and authentic but has surrendered its exquisite fragrance through artisanal extraction methods that mimic Nature. You will tell the difference.

It's truly one of a kind.

Rose is valued for augmenting natural skin care and is a special luxury to add or natural lotions and potions. Just a small amount in a warm bath with sea salts creates a luxurious and restorative experience. IN-joy!

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